Marco Fabbri is our senior editor.

Take a look at his broadcast show reel. It includes examples of his work from his time at Pepper Post in London. Pepper is one of the U.K's top post production houses.

His profile is listed here on the internet movie database:

Here is a breakdown of what he did on each job:

"Life on Mars" a drama series for ITV:
Online conform, digital scratch and dust removal, output master.

"Class of 76" featuring Robert Carlyle:
Online editor and all visual effects and compositing

"Keane- Bend or break" music video
Online editor, and added visual effects like the lens flares etc.

"Ocean Size - Heaven Alive" music video
Online editor

"McFly - Ballade of Paul K" music video
Online editor and added old film effects to the brilliant animation by Corin Hardy

"White Noise" featuring Michael Keaton
Marco formed part of the post production team and helped conform the final master. He also did some of the visual effects, compositing and scratch/dust removal.